Best Hair Trends of the 2000s

Forget the '80s and the '90s, this decade had some seriously gorgeous hairstyles

Emily Blunt Dakota Fanning headbands

Hair Accessories

We know, we gave hair accessories a hard time in our OMFG Hair Accessories story, but plenty of celebrities, like Emily Blunt and Dakota Fanning, show that they can be stunning (in a good way).

What we love: When worn right, hair accessories can take a simple look, like a bun, ponytail or straight hairstyle, and give it major drama. It can also call more attention to that updo you spent hours creating — hey, whatever it takes to get people to notice your effort, right?

Try it at home: This is pretty simple. Stock up on headbands, barrettes, cool clips, whatever you love and incorporate them into your regular hairstyles. Our rule: The more elaborate the hair accessory, the simpler the hairstyle, and vice versa. A complicated updo paired with a giant bow headband is way too much … unless your name is Lady Gaga.