Ultimate Guide for Straight Hair

Are you rocking a straight hairstyle? Then you'll love these tips to make your straight hair the best it can be

straight hair mason pearson brush

Tangled no more

Tangles are a common problem with straight hair, but they don’t have to be a huge pain. Here’s Fitzsimons’ step-by-step to get rid of them.

1. It’s so important to brush your hair from the ends up, he stresses. So whatever you do, don’t start at your roots.

2. Using a bristle brush (he recommends Mason Pearson, $151), hold the mid-length of your hair tightly so you’re not pulling your roots at all, then start brushing your hair downwards.

3. Keep moving slowly up the hair until you get to the roots.

4. If your hair is extra tangle-y, try spraying a shine spray on wet hair. It will coat your hair so the brush will slide through more easily.