Straightening Wavy Hair

Straightening wavy hair can be quick and easy, as long as you have just a few essential tools in your hair arsenal.

First, use a heat protectant serum on your wet hair. This will protect your hair from potential damage caused by heat styling tools. Next, wait until your hair is about 80% dry — this will help minimize heat damage and frizz while still allowing for styling. Use a round ceramic brush while blow drying to smooth out the hair cuticle and create a bit of bounce.

Now that your hair is dry, it’s probably fairly straight but a little poofy. This is when you break out the hair straightener. From here, straightening wavy hair should be pretty simple. Use about an inch-width of hair at a time so an even amount of heat is applied to each section of hair. Slide the hair straightener down, and repeat all over your head.

You hair should be straight and sleek. To make sure it stays that way, you can add a hair shine solution to lock it in and tame flyaways. For more tips, read How to Straighten Hair Like a Pro.

Wavy hair is an asset to all those who sport it, because it can be worn so many ways. Curl it up or straighten it out for two totally different looks. For more wavy hair inspiration, check out New Ways to Wear Wavy Hair.