Ultimate Guide for Straight Hair

Are you rocking a straight hairstyle? Then you'll love these tips to make your straight hair the best it can be

straight hair kerastase serum

Go even straighter

If you have a little wave to your hair, you can still join the straight-haired girls club with this step-by-step:

1. Use a moisturizing shampoo and conditioner to your hair is hydrated and protected from all the heat-styling you’re about to do.

2. When blow drying your hair, hold the dryer over your head pointing down to smooth your hair and keep it lying flat.

3. Wrap your hair around a round brush and point the blow dryer down your hair to smooth out your roots.

4. When your hair is completely dry, take very small sections, comb through them, then slide a flat iron down your hair two or three times. Hold the ends of your hair so there’s tension on the section when the iron is going over it.

5. Once your hair is down, run a smoothing serum, like the Kerastase one, over your hair to give it shine and lock out any frizz-causing moisture.

Next, check out a few fun hairstyles perfect for straight-haired gals (like, well, you).