Hair Extensions: The Real Deal

From clip-in to human hair extensions; see how to get and take care of them for gorgeous long hair

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It’s all in how you do it

Jeanne says there are a “million different methods” to applying extensions and everyone is trying to come up with their own ways to do it. Each has pros and cons, but Jeanne says to use caution on less expensive methods, since they can end up being of poor quality and damaging to your hair.

One way is to apply the extensions with glue, although this can be damaging. Another, less damaging, way is to use individuals (small sections of extensions) applied with a keratin bond. Since keratin is the same substance that’s already in your hair, it’s less damaging than glue. Jeanne also uses a method she created that uses silicone beads to attach extensions to your existing hair, and says it is less damaging than glue.

The skin weft is a new system that uses glue, but can be damaging and not last as long as other methods. And be wary if your stylist is suggesting using copper or aluminum bonds since these can cause corrosion in your hair (yikes). And while traditional weaves are another option, the tight braiding system can cause breakage and brittleness in your hair, so be careful.

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