12 Easy Styles for Curly Hair

Before you read any further, you need to do one thing — decide that your curly hair is not a curse. If you need some help with that, check out all the reasons why you’re so lucky to be able to rock curly hairstyles.

Now that you’ve embraced your curls (you have, right?), it’s time to have some fun with them. Lucky for you, some of the prettiest looks I’ve seen include hairstyles for curly hair. Women with curls can totally rock any style they want, including buns and half updos. Some styles look even better on curly hair — faux bob, anyone?

And what better ways to get inspiration than from celebrity hairstyles? I’m talking famous starlets with naturally curly hair. They (or their stylists) are all coming up with gorgeous looks that are way easy to do.

Click here to see how you (as well as Taylor Swift, Alicia Keys and ten other curly-haired celebs) can pull off these curly hair styles.

But before you try any of these styles, keep in mind — they look best on healthy curls. So don’t forget to moisturize well in the shower, and keep your hands off your hair to prevent your curls from frizzing up. Got it? Just read through our step-by-step tutorial to style your curly hair, and then scroll through the gallery that’ll have your curls bouncing for joy.