12 Easy Styles for Curly Hair

With these gorgeous styles, all your girlfriends will be totally jealous of your natural curls

keri russell curly hair bun

Flirty side bun

Keri Russell’s loose bun looks so pretty and feminine on curly hair. Here’s how to get Keri Russell’s look:

1. Right when you get out of the shower, part your hair to the side.

2. Apply smoothing cream to your damp curls and rake it through. Let your curls dry naturally.

3. Once your hair is completely dry, finger comb your curls to the side and hold them in your hands like a makeshift ponytail.

4. Keeping hair loose, wrap an elastic around your ponytail twice and on the third time, don’t pull your hair all the way through to create a bun.

5. Use your fingers to loosen up your bundle of curls, and clip on a flirty accessory right behind your ear.