Celebrity Hairstyle Disasters

Celebrities really are just like us — sometimes their professional stylist makes a mistake and sends them tottering down the red carpet with frizzy, frumpy, or just plain freaky hair. What, that doesn’t happen to you too? Weird.

Call me crazy, but I hold celebrities’ hairstyles to a higher standard than my friends’ or my own. When stars go to parties and events they almost always have a pro helping them out. I only have my drawer full of products and a supportive-but-clueless boyfriend. So it stands to reason that their end result should be better than mine. And when it isn’t, it qualifies as bad celebrity hair in my book.

Click here to see celebrity hairstyle disasters.

That’s exactly what this round up is: examples of celebrity hairstyles that, frankly, are a bit of a let down. I’m not sure what they or their stylists were thinking, but it shouldn’t have been “wow, this looks awesome.” Because it didn’t. Yes, that was blunt, but I think they can take it. (Mostly because I’m pretty sure they aren’t reading this, but who knows? Drew, are you out there?)

Take a look and tell me what you think, could these celebrities have done better with their hair?

Click here to see celebrity hairstyle disasters.