12 Easy, Must-Try Hairstyles

Wearing the same style two days in a row? Can we say 'lame'? Here are 12 new ways to switch things up

short hair messy curls

Messy, boho curls

Works best on: Short hair

What you need: Curling iron, bobby pins, hairspray

How to get it:

1. Start with day-old hair for the most texture. Use a 1-inch curling iron to curl small sections of your hair, holding the iron vertically.

2. If your curls look too “poufy,” flatten a few of the curls in the top layer of hair and bobby pin them down to create the shape you like.

3. Use your fingers to mess up your curls a bit for a haphazard feel.

4. Mist all over with strong-hold hairspray to set the look.