Weather Proof Your Hairstyle

nicole scherzinger elizabeth banks

Best hairstyles for a snowy day

Snow is fun, but beware of those little flurries — they’ll stick to your hair and flatten it fast. Use a volumizing shampoo (try Herbal Essences Body Envy Volumizing Shampoo, $3) and rub some texturizing mousse into your roots to boost them before you style. A high-volume ponytail or bun will balance your look, especially if you’re wearing several layers of clothing. See how edgy Nicole Scherzinger’s hairstyle looks?

If the snow has already dampened your hair, apply a dollop of anti-frizz cream throughout your hair to stop frizz from forming (try Neutrogena Triple Moisture Smooth Shine Anti Frizz Cream, $7.50). Then brush it back into a bun, and slip on a cute headband to keep flyaways off your face, like Elizabeth Banks does here.