Weather Proof Your Hairstyle

With these tips, your hair will hold up against every weapon of mass hair destruction you can think of -- from pouring rain to blazing heat

jessica lowndes claire danes

Best hairstyles for humid weather

Start by setting your hair in Velcro rollers, which “will allow any moisture caught in the hair to evenly evaporate,” says Hawkins. Then style it into a bun to trap out humid air and prevent frizz. “Up and away from your face in sticky weather always works,” says Israel Segal, founder of “Free Your Mane” products. “Just take your hair and put it in an elastic at the crown. Tease your ponytail a bit and wrap the loose hair around itself, securing with pins.” Jessica Lowndes and Claire Danes definitely did the right thing by keeping it “a little messy and sexy,” Segal says.