Weather Proof Your Hairstyle

blake lively braid

Best hairstyles for the beach

“A salt spray is amazing,” says Hawkins. Just spray your hair liberally with one (try KMS California Hair Sea Salt Spray, $12) and let it air dry for a natural wave. If your hair gets too “in your face,” pull it back and braid it. Then toss on a floppy hat for a “super cute and sexy” look for the beach, says Irene.

A braided look like Blake Lively’s is perfect for the beach because “you can go in the water and come out, the braids will dry, and you’ll still have a great look,” says Hawkins. For a fun style, “divide your hair into three sections, and pull the back section into a pony. Braid the two side sections, and wrap the braids around the base of the pony. Now braid the end of the pony and pin it under your head.”