Weather Proof Your Hairstyle

With these tips, your hair will hold up against every weapon of mass hair destruction you can think of -- from pouring rain to blazing heat

Analeigh Tipton

Best hairstyles for a windy day

You don’t want to let your hair fly free in the wind (again, wind damage). Instead, put it up in a protective, ponytail-based updo, says Hawkins. Start with a ponytail, and twist it up and pin the ends down so they don’t flap in the wind. You can also slip on a headband to tame any wispy pieces of hair, like Analeigh Tipton does here.

As for products, use a workable gel or flexible pomade (try Tresemme Flexible Hold Styling Putty, $4.99) to prevent flyaways and give your hair “memory” when it comes to its shape, says Irene. Then, all you need to do is set your style with a blow dryer.