9 Weirdest Hair Tools Ever

Our first reaction to these hair gadgets: "Whaaaaaat?" But turns out, a lot of them actually work (like, really well)

topsy tail hair invention

Topsy Tail

In 1991, a tiny plastic hoop-shaped product called the “Topsy Tail” entered the market with the tagline: “Anyone who can make a ponytail, can Topsy Tail.” To achieve a perfect Topsy Tail, you first gathered your hair into a ponytail and secured it with an elastic. Then, you shoved the handle of the hoop through the top of the base of the ponytail (above the elastic), put the ponytail through the loop, and pulled the hoop with pony through. Viola! You had a very strange looking hairstyle, all for the low price of $12.95. After a year and a half run, this product lost steam — but not before grossing over $100 million dollars worldwide. Not bad for a tiny plastic hoop.

Hair Gadget Confession: “I always used this when I was a kid — I loved how easy it was to create that cool-looking hairstyle (an upside-down, inside-out ponytail?! Come on!). I even carried it around with me at school, and all of the other girls would ask to try it on their own hair. Come to think of it, the Topsy Tail made me the most popular girl at school. Best invention ever.” — Jane, Assistant Editor