9 Weirdest Hair Tools Ever

Our first reaction to these hair gadgets: "Whaaaaaat?" But turns out, a lot of them actually work (like, really well)

Bumpits hair invention


Though Snooki may have made big hair big again, the bump movement actually started a few years before. Bumpits, arched inserts you placed under your hair, appeared on the scene in 1997. With the slogan “From Flat to Fabulous,” they were marketed as a way to achieve instant volume. And after the “Jersey Shore” hit, it seemed like the makers of Bumpits were hoping to cash in on the big hair look. Though we don’t know how successful that plan was, we’re betting they probably sold a bunch during Halloween at the very least. While you can still find Bumpits at a few random stores, we’re waiting until this product goes the way of the Topsy Tail.

Hair Gadget Confession: “I’m kind of sad to say that I’ve used Bumpits before. The idea of it was good (and the infomercials were so enticing), but it was really difficult securing it in my hair. The problem could be my super slippery Asian hair, but the piece would not stay hidden and flopped around underneath my hairdo. It was way more trouble than it’s worth, so now I just stick to teasing my hair and lots of hairspray.” — Steph, Intern