12 Ways to Beat Hat Hair

static lint hat hair

On-the-go tricks for fixing hat hair

You’ve already got everything you need to prevent hat hair, but we’ll leave you with a few tricks that come in handy when you’re on the go:

• Run a fabric softener sheet over your hair to kill static.

• Finger-comb a small amount of hand sanitizer through the top half your hair — the alcohol actually helps add volume.

• Rake a small dab of hand lotion through the bottom half of your hair to tackle flyaways. “Avoid applying it near the roots, or else your hair will look greasy,” says Guillermo.

• If your hair ever looks dry or has a lot of static, the best thing to do is mist hair with Evian water (in one of those spritzers). “It will take it all away,” says Grmolyes.