Hair Dare: 1 Girl, 7 Styles

Wish there were more African-American hairstyle ideas out there, complete with pretty pictures and easy-to-follow steps? Wish granted.

black hairstyles half updo

Day 7: Not cheating, I swear

I decide to end the dare with my favorite, go-to hairstyle. I love this style because it’s soft, pretty, and it allows me to play with my natural hair texture (read: slightly course and wavy). And it’s super simple, which is a big plus in my book.

1. I usually start with day-old hair for this look, since it gives me the best texture to put it up. According to Dunton, this is the perfect reason to skip washing your hair for a day or two.

2. To add texture, I lift up the top layer of my hair and tease underneath with a teasing comb.

3. Using my fingers, I smooth back the top half of my hair and gather it in at the back of my head. I push the entire section upward to add body near the crown.

4. Then I twist the gathered hair beneath my fingers to create a firm base, and criss-cross a few bobby pins to secure it.

5. To finish, I use a curling wand touch up my waves for extra definition, and I mist all over with anti-frizz hairspray to tame flyaways (I use Tresemme Frizz Shield Finishing Spray, $4.50).

And that’s the last look from my week-long dare. At first, I was hesitant. Who has time to think up seven totally different looks in a week? Turns out, I do. All I needed was a curling iron, a bunch of bobby pins, and my own two hands.

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