Dare: 7 Days of Short Hairstyles

Running out of ways to style your short hair? Here are some looks we guarantee you haven't tried before

short hair spiky edgy funky

Day 4: Don’t mess with me

I’ve always wanted to try something on the funkier side, but I never knew how … until now. When I mentioned this to Sunshine, she recommended semi-spiking my hair, but keeping it focused near the back of my head so it’s not too over-the-top. I decide to try it. The result? My favorite look so far.

1. After I get out of the shower, I roughly blow dry my hair using my hands until it’s halfway dry.

2. I part my hair to the side again. Using a tiny bit of styling gel, I flatten the front half of my hair on either side of the part.

3. Next, I apply some styling wax to my fingers and grab random sections of hair at the back to piece it out. This gives it an edgier feel, says Sunshine.

4. I find a skull headband that seems to match the vibe perfectly, so that completes the look.