Use a Curling Iron Like a Pro

I have a love/hate relationship with my curling iron, as you can see from my “getting ready” routine on a typical Friday night:

Step 1: Plug in my curling iron.

Step 2: Do my makeup while the iron heats up.

Step 3: Reach for the curling iron, forget that little clamp handle gets hot, and burn myself.

Step 4: Start curling my hair, but stop after grazing the iron on my ear.

Step 5: Curl my hair with one hand while holding an ice cube to my head.

Step 6: Step back to look at myself in the mirror when I’m done.

This is where the (potential) love part comes in. Sometimes I’ll end up with gorgeous waves that all fall in the same direction. (That’s usually dumb luck.) But most of the time I look like a “Toddlers and Tiaras” reject with misshapen spiral curls, not to mention the burn marks and band-aids.

Enough is enough. If I can’t figure out how to consistently use this contraption, I’m throwing it out for good.

For help, I went to celebrity hairstylist Amita Moticka, Director of Cutting Education for diPietro Todd Salons and Academy. This woman knows her stuff, especially when it comes to wielding a curling iron. She helped me put together a guide filled with helpful tricks, and techniques that finally will allow me to conquer the little torture, sorry, styling, device.

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