Quiz: How Damaged Is Your Hair?

Nerd alert: Sometimes, when I’m having a really good hair day, I’ll pretend to be in one of those Pantene commercials. I’ll swish my hair around trying to mimic that slow motion reveal.

Unfortunately, I don’t get to do this often. In fact, it only happens after I go to the salon and they give me a super rich conditioning treatment. (So, once or twice a year tops.) When I’m not tossing my hair around, I’m hiding it under a hat, or stuffing it up into a messy bun, because let’s face it — most of the time, my hair just looks dry, damaged, and definitely not commercial-worthy.

I know, skipping regular salon appointments doesn’t really help. Like most women, I want to change my habits and fix my damaged hair, but I need a little help getting started. Why does getting “hair so healthy, it shines” have to be so much harder than it looks? (Damn you, Pantene commercials.)

I figured a good starting point is to know where my hair is on a scale from breaking-off-at-the-roots damaged to silky-soft-and-shiny healthy. This hair quiz does just that. I was able to find out what I’m doing wrong, what habits I need to change, and how to repair the damage done to my hair. I’m one step closer to having silky-smooth, frizz-free hair — all the time.

Answer the first question below to find out if your hair is in need of some serious rehab.

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