Top 13 Celeb Retro Hairstyles

Ever wish you lived during a different era, just for the fabulous hairstyles? These stars show you how to get those retro looks

katy perry retro hairstyle

Katy Perry

Katy Perry looks like she should be serving milkshakes on roller skates. Celeb hairstylist and Artist Director for MATRIX, Nick Stenson, shows us how to get the look:

1. Apply a texturizing foam to damp hair.
2. Blow dry your hair with a round brush.
3. Using a 1-inch curling iron, create an off-base rope curl. An off-base rope curl is when hair is smooth at the roots and curled from the middle of your hair to the end of your hair.
4. Create a triangular section in the front part of your hair. Make the section by taking hair from the corner of your eye to the corner of your other eye about 1-inch back from the hairline.
5. Brush this section forward and roll underneath, creating a vintage roll. Pin in place.
6. Spray the entire look with a strong-hold hairspray.