Top 13 Celeb Retro Hairstyles

Ever wish you lived during a different era, just for the fabulous hairstyles? These stars show you how to get those retro looks

fergie retro hairstyle


Fergie goes high glam with this ’40s-inspired hairstyle. Stenson explains how to get the look:

1. Apply a texturizing cream to damp hair.
2. Create a deep side part, and blow dry hair using a cushioned brush.
3. Divide hair into four to six vertical sections. Using a 1-inch curling iron, create a strong vertical curl in each section, going away from the face.
4. If the curls are too extreme, brush lightly with a cushioned brush to soften them.
5. Tuck the smaller side of the hair part behind your ear.
6. Spray your entire look with a strong-hold hairspray.