Top 13 Celeb Retro Hairstyles

Ever wish you lived during a different era, just for the fabulous hairstyles? These stars show you how to get those retro looks

evan rachel wood finger waves

Evan Rachel Wood

Evan Rachel Wood’s finger waves were a classic 1920s staple. Some things to keep in mind about this look: You’ll probably need a buddy to help since it’s super hard to get these finger waves with one pair of hands. Also, the finger wave is usually done on short hair, so if you have long hair you’ll have to do a modified version. Celeb hairstylist Ben Thigpen explains how to steal this style:

1. For girls with long hair, simply divide your hair into two sections from ear to ear horizontally. Create a very low chignon at the nape of your neck. Follow the next steps for the front section, as if you had short hair.

2. Start with wet hair that has been blotted with a towel.

3. Apply a half dollar size amount of gel to your hair from root to tip.

4. Create a deep side part, and comb your hair smooth.

5. Lay your middle finger next to your part, firmly place your comb against the side of your finger that is going away from the part. The teeth of the comb should be in the opposite direction of your head.

6. To make the finger wave, pull your comb along your finger continuing to hold your middle finger firmly against your head. Comb through your hair without lifting the comb creating a nice wave.

7. Lay your index finger next to your middle finger, then use your index finger to hold the finished finger wave in place.

8. Hold the finger wave with your finger, pull the comb back the opposite way to create the next finger wave about 1 inch or so below the first one. You should have one finger wave with the waves flowing in one direction and a second wave with the waves flowing the other direction.

9. Place a clip on the tip of the wave being curled upward toward the top of the head.

10. Carefully moving your hand, reposition your middle finger over the second finger wave. Hold the wave in place while making a third finger wave. The waves should flow the same direction as the first finger wave. Working your way down your head, continue alternating directions, until you’ve created the desired look.

11. Let your hair air dry or use a diffuser on low heat. Finish by misting the look with a strong-hold hairspray.