Top 13 Celeb Retro Hairstyles

Ever wish you lived during a different era, just for the fabulous hairstyles? These stars show you how to get those retro looks

lauren conrad retro hairstyle

Lauren Conrad

This retro faux bob on Lauren Conrad exudes the elegant sophistication of the

1920s. Jessee explains how to achieve this modern and feminine style:

1. Apply a small amount of a thickening créme like RUSK Radical Créme, $10, to damp hair and blow dry.

2. Create a side part and separate your hair into small sections.

3. Curl each section with a 1-inch curling iron. Carefully slide out the iron, clip each curl, and allow them to cool for maximum hold.

4. Gently brush the curls and allow the curls to naturally form into waves.

5. Pull your hair back and pin on each side. Create a faux bob by tucking the ends of your hair under and pining it up.

6. Spray the entire look with strong-hold hairspray.