11 New Nail Art Looks to Try

We know how much you love nail art. Here's our roundup of the best new styles on the Web -- and how to get the looks

retro nail art

’50s Malt Shop

This retro look is a simple design that reminds us of banana splits, roller skates, and a great jukebox. Here’s how to steal this style:

Polish Suggestions: Essie Turquoise to Caicos (tropical green), OPI Alpine Snow (white), OPI Lincoln Park After Dark (black)

1. Start with a base coat.
2. Apply two coats of tropical green nail polish to your nails.
3. Take a French tip manicure sticker and cut a zigzag pattern across one edge. We recommend using tiny scissors (like the ones for trimming eyebrows) to make the cuts.
4. Warning: Make sure your nails are very dry before this next step. Once the bottom coat is dry, apply a french tip manicure sticker to your nail. Place it in the middle of the nail with the zigzag pattern facing the tip.
5. Paint the tips of your nails with two coats of white polish. Make sure to not polish beyond the manicure sticker.
6. Once the polish is really dry, peel the stickers from your nails. Using a nail stamp and black nail polish, place three diamonds on the white polish. The row of diamonds should mimic the peak of each zigzag. (If you don’t have a nail stamp, you can free-hand the diamond with a very thin nail art brush.)
7. Finish with a top coat.