11 New Nail Art Looks to Try

We know how much you love nail art. Here's our roundup of the best new styles on the Web -- and how to get the looks

cloud nail art design

Cloudy with a Chance of Gold

These clouds may look a little threatening, but we prefer to focus on the gold lining ahead. Here’s how to get the look:

Polish Suggestions: Zoya Raven (black), Essie Sugar Daddy (sheer pink), Zoya Goldie (gold)

1. Apply a base coat that dries clear.
2. Once dry, apply two coats of sheer pink polish.
3. To make the cloud shape, apply the gold polish in three strokes. Start each stroke by placing the tip of the brush on the tip of the nail. Wait until enough polish has dripped off forming a round starting point, and swipe up. Each stroke should touch, but be shorter than the one before it.
4. When the gold strokes have dried, apply the black cloud in the same way. Paint over the gold, but allow a little of the gold to peek through at the top.
5. Finish with a top coat.