Best Fashion Week Nail Art

Fashion Week isn't just about clothes ... at least not for us. The latest nail designs are what we go gaga over

floral nail art

Print Inspired

Nail art skill level: Pro

Rachel Antonoff’s show revealed a new way to do floral nails. Inspired by one of the prints in her collection, this mani is a bit of a toughie, but totally worth it. To begin, apply two coats of CND’s Flashpoint. Then, use a detailing brush to paint a fern design on the lower half of your nails. We suggest CND’s Anchor Blue and Brilliant White.

If you’re not crazy about this floral pattern, pick out a new one from your closet. (No one said the look couldn’t be inspired by your own prints.) And if you’re having trouble with the whole ambidextrous thing, buy a pair of fake nails and try painting and applying those instead.