Easy DIY: Nail Art From NYFW

We’re pretty much nail art obsessed over here at Beauty Riot, so it’s no surprise our eyes went straight to the model’s manicure when we saw the looks from designer Whitney Pozgay’s 2013 collection. (Fun fact: Pozgay is actually Kate Spade’s niece!)

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Lead manicurist for Kiss Products, Inc., Gina Edwards, was in charge of giving manicures to the models backstage. The nail art looks super involved and like it took hours to do, but … they’re actually decals!

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Edwards used Kiss Nail Dress in “Teddy” decals, which are available at Walgreens for $6.99 a pack. Yup, the high-fashion, runway manicure is actually a stick-on decal you can buy at the drugstore.

Once you have the decals, buff your nails to prep them. Then all you have to do is stick on each nail decal, folding it over the edge of your nail, and then file off the extra. That’s it. Plus, there’s no drying time involved — a major bonus, because everyone knows waiting for your nails to dry can feel like an eternity.