12 Worst Makeup Trends

Sure, they were hot for a second, but these celebrities show that not all makeup trends are worth trying

12 Worst Makeup Trends

We’ll admit, sometimes bad makeup trends, much like bad relationships, can be hard to spot in the beginning. You see a pic in a magazine, think “well, the model looks pretty cool, I bet I could pull that off,” and the next thing you know you’re at your cousin’s birthday party wearing yellow lipstick and avoiding the open-mouth stares of your relatives. Sound familiar?

We have a hunch that many of these starlets had the same feeling when they stepped outside wearing these seriously bad celebrity makeup trends. Some well-meaning makeup artist probably talked them into it, explaining how “now” or “chic” they would look, or they — gasp — applied their own makeup, and you know what happens after that … disaster city for them and much laughter and amusement for you. (Hey, why shouldn’t you get some enjoyment out of their blunders?)

So who’s on the list? Some repeat offenders, like Christina Aguilera and Lindsay Lohan — no surprise they’re prime examples of bad makeup trends. But there were some shockers too — like Emily Blunt, who would have thought someone as pretty and classy as she would try to rock a bad makeup trend? But oh boy, did she (wait until you see it). And the rest of the celebs? Avril Lavigne, Gwen Stefani, Sarah Harding, Alicia Keys, Lil’ Kim, Pamela Anderson and Lydia Hearst.

So what did we do with these wearers of bad makeup? Put them on trial of course. Read on to see which celebrity styles made our rap sheet of bad makeup crimes and what their punishments should be. Our authority to enforce these sentences? Er, OK, we don’t actually have any, but maybe having these photos out in the world for all eternity is punishment enough.