12 Worst Makeup Trends

Sure, they were hot for a second, but these celebrities show that not all makeup trends are worth trying

Lil' Kim Worst Makeup Trends

The crime: Lip liner mis-match

The culprit: Lil’ Kim

The case: We’re going to look the other way on the ridiculous false lashes and focus on Kim’s true crime: her way too-dark lip liner. Instead of following the hard and fast makeup rule of matching your lip liner to your lipstick (or at least your lips), Kim’s gone rogue with an ultra-dark shade.

The punishment: One month of bare lips, maaaybe we’ll let her have some lip balm for good behavior.

The lesson: Dark lip liner with dark lipstick — fab. Dark lip liner with lighter lipstick — hells no. Please, please do not continue this trend. It. Must. Die.