Best Makeup for Your Eye Shape

Let’s face facts. You already know your eyes are gorgeous. The stares you get from your hot neighbor, that guy in the next cubicle and that sexy stranger you passed on the street can tell you that much. Whether you’re rocking the smoky eye, the cat eye, or go au natural, you, my friend, have mastered the art of eye seduction.

You may have simply been born with your pro eye makeup skills, or you learned what works best for you over the years, but when was the last time you really went back to the basics of eye makeup? Everyone — even a pro like you — could use a quick brush up lesson on the rules of eye makeup (yes they really exist). Tons of celebs follow these rules, which is why their eyes always look so gorgeous on the red carpet. The most important trick to playing up your eyes is using the right colors and techniques for your eye shape, whether your eyes are small, wide-set or almond shaped. We talked to makeup artists Fatima Thomas from MAC and Molly Stern from COVERGIRL about how to do this, and they spilled some of their best makeup tricks.

So check them out below, and once you master the best makeup for your eye shape, move on to playing up your eye color. Whether your eyes are blue, green, brown or hazel, you can make them pop just by using the right shades of makeup.