Makeup for Your Hair Color

We've got the best expert makeup tips to sexify every shade of red, brown and blonde hair you can think of

Makeup for Your Hair Color

Loving your new hair color? Or maybe you were just blessed with a gorgeous color to begin with? Either way, you can’t stop twirling, flipping and tossing your shiny, sexy hair. (OK, I get it. Your hair color is hot.)

Well, sorry to burst your bubble, but here’s some news for you: It doesn’t matter how fab your hair color is. If you don’t wear the right makeup for it, your whole look is totally ruined. Yikes.

OK, fine, maybe not completely ruined (sorry about the drama above, I might be a tad bit jealous of your hair), but it sure won’t look good if you’re wearing something on your face that clashes with your hair. And I want you to look your best (no, I really do, no bitterness here), so I asked Molly R. Stern, CoverGirl Celebrity Makeup Artist, what makeup works best for every hair color out there.

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From the darkest hair color (jet black) to the lightest (platinum blonde), she told us which makeup colors, techniques and applications will make your hair stand out in the crowd, even if you’re a brunette surrounded by other brunettes. Or a blonde surrounded by blondes. Or a redhead … you get the point.

So look through the celebrity gallery of hair colors to find the best makeup for you, and be sure to follow these three tips Stern says will generally match any hair color:

1. Keep your cheeks fresh and glowing.

2. Keep your lashes bold yet separated.

3. Don’t be afraid of color!

And since your hair color obviously says a lot about you, make sure you keep it looking healthy. “The better shine your hair has, the less makeup you need,” Stern says. OK, now onto the makeup.

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