Oh Sh*t Beauty Disasters Fixed

Jessica Lowndes red lipstick

The disaster: Lipstick fading fast

The scenario: You went with a red lip for your dinner date, but as you’re eating you can feel it fading, fading … leaving you with a faint outline of your lipliner — not pretty.

What to do: A little prep work can minimize the damage. When you line your lips, make sure to fill in your entire lips with pencil too. This will help your color last longer and will also prevent the “outline only” look. Then, if you still feel your color fading, you have two options. One is to excuse yourself and head to the bathroom to reapply. But if you feel that would be rude, you could opt to wipe off the line and what’s left with your napkin (subtly, of course) so you’re left with a bare lip. Hey, it’s better than a weird line, right? Plus, you can just reapply after dinner.