Oh Sh*t Beauty Disasters Fixed

Got a major (or minor-that-feels-major) hair, skin or fashion mishap? We've got the quick solution to solve it

Eva Mendes ponytail

The disaster: A crease in your hair

The real-life scenario: You hit the snooze button a few too many times this morning, so you opted for a ponytail rather than full-on styling. But you still want to look hot for your girls’ night out this evening. You take out the hair elastic and well, you know what you’re left with …

What to do: This requires a little work, but is fixable. If you do have heat styling tools with you (like a blow dryer or flat or curling iron) then you’re golden. You can use a flat iron on the creased part (for straight hair) or a curling iron (for wavy or curly hair). Or, you can wet the creased area while brushing through your hair until it disappears, then blow dry the wet section, says Los Angeles based hairstylist Anthony Cristiano.

Stuck without your styling tools? Wet your hair like Cristiano said, run your fingers through to lessen the crease, then use the hand dryer in the bathroom to dry your hair. It’s not perfect, but it’ll work.