Celebrity Diet Secrets Spilled

How do they get so skinny? We share it all -- from the healthy to the omg-scary

olivia wilde tron diet

Martial arts got Olivia in shape

Olivia Wilde’s costume in the new “Tron” movie makes a wet suit look like a parka, so you better believe she got in majorly-good shape to prepare. How she did it: A mix of cardio, martial arts and cutting out bread and alcohol from her diet (she’s already a vegan so there wasn’t much else to eliminate). (Source: Access Hollywood)

Reality Check: Alcohol is just empty calories, so if you normally drink a lot you could see some weight loss from quitting. However any diet that totally cuts out a food group (no bread?!) can be hard to maintain long-term. However, Ferrin is a fan of her regular workouts, saying “Regular exercise will slow and even reverse the aging process. All your body functions will be enhanced by a regular program that allows for aerobic exercise as well as endurance and strength exercises.”