Look Good in a Bikini — Now

You know those girls that walk around on the beach with a sarong tied around their waist? Sure, it’s cute, but that’s so not what I imagine when I buy a super-hot bikini that I absolutely love. (Find the best swimsuit for your body type here).

What I want is to show it off, not hide it. But with summer just around the corner (OK fine, it’s already here, geez), I don’t really have time to go on a strict diet or start a six-month workout. What I need is … a quick fix. You know, easy tricks to hide those small flaws or de-bloat fast, whatever.

Click here to see how to get a bikini body — fast

While nobody has a perfect body, there are some easy things you can do to prepare your body and make it look the best it can. I talked to several experts, including a nutritionist, fitness guru, tanning expert and makeup artist — they gave me tips on everything from eating the right foods to de-bloat, to slimming down and prepping your skin for the beach. They even broke it down into a helpful timeline, so even if you only have a week (or heck, hours) until you have to be in that bikini, you’ll be ready.

Just remember: rapid and dramatic weight loss should not be your goal. (Flabby arms and excess skin? Not attractive.) Instead, just focus on toning your body for summer and eating right. You’ll see more of what I’m talking about in the gallery. Bikini-ready body? Here I come.

Click here to see how to get a bikini body — fast