10 Things to Steal From Your Boyfriend

A few years ago on vacation I forgot to pack my razor, which left me with only one option: I had to borrow my boyfriend’s. As I lathered up, I made peace with the fact that I’d find a few nicks and loose stubby hairs. After all, it’s a man’s razor — how good could it possibly be? Shocker: I was wrong. My BF’s razor left me with the smoothest shave of my life. This thing had four blades and a pivoting head, which made my three blade disposable look downright archaic. When it came to beauty products, I thought girls were supposed to have all the best stuff?

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After I used that razor, I started thinking … what other products for guys are out there that I’ve yet to discover? I reached out to celebrity makeup artists Elizabeth Ulloa, Marissa Nemes, and Sabrina Mae for their top picks of men’s grooming products that work wonders for women. Even with every women’s beauty product at their disposal, these ladies still choose to raid their S.O.’s medicine cabinet from time to time.

So why use a man’s product over a woman’s? Products for guys are all about getting the job done without any extra frills. I’m a self-declared girly-girl, but even I need the occasional break from all the pretty pink packaging and flowery, baby powder scents.

Obviously, you don’t have to have a husband or a BF to enjoy these made-for-boys products — these are for every girl out there who’s not afraid to take a risk.

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