Celebrity Diet Secrets Spilled

How do they get so skinny? We share it all -- from the healthy to the omg-scary

gwyneth paltrow diet

Gwyneth Paltrow’s fried chicken diet

After training for “Iron Man 2,” Gwyneth Paltrow was rivaling Madonna in buff-ness. But her character in “Country Strong” was meant to look a little more, uh, normal. So the director told Paltrow to soften up. She says she lessened her exercise routine and ate tons of fried food (chicken, fish, fries) to look less toned. How’d you like that to be your job? (Source: Daily Mail UK)

Reality Check: You do need fat to survive, it’s actually pretty important. But while a diet of fried chicken might sound incredibly-insanely-awesome, Ferrin recommends you choose better fats instead. Think nuts, avocados and olive oil over greasy chicken skin or French fries.