Do Your Own Prom Hair and Makeup

If there’s anything we can say about prom, it’s that prom night should be absolutely perfect. Everything you dreamed it would be.

With that said, you’ve probably got things pretty under control, no doubt it’ll be the best night of your life. You found your date in record time and you’re working on finding the perfect dress. And with that fabulous style of yours, we’re not even the slightest bit worried about how great you’ll look on prom night.

So obviously the question is why you would pay someone else to do your prom hair and makeup when you can totally do it yourself? I mean, as long as you have the right tools and some gorgeous celebrity hairstyles and celebrity makeup looks to copy, it’ll be easy peasy for a pro like you.

So we talked to Aussie Celebrity Hairstylist Sarah Potempa, and MAC Cosmetics Senior Makeup Artist John Stapleton to pull together a gallery of super easy prom hairstyles and prom makeup looks (and by easy, we mean you won’t believe how simple some of these looks are).

Your end result will look so professional that no one will know that you did it yourself — they’ll totally think you spent the time and money to get it done at a salon. And then you can spend that cash you saved on a killer pair of shoes, a limo for you and your group, appetizer and dessert at dinner, whatever …

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