Do Your Own Prom Hair and Makeup

Not only do you save money, you'll get to use your awesome hair and makeup skills. Need we say more?

Suave Volumizing Mousse

The essential products you’ll need (for your hairstyle)

To accomplish a basic prom hairstyle at home, Potempa says you’ll need three important things.

1. A foundation product. “This will get your hair to have a little bit of hold,” Potempa says. This can be a volumizing mousse, flexible gel or a setting spray (we like Suave Volumizing Mousse, $3.75). Applying it to damp hair will give it some structure before you begin styling.

2. A styling product. This includes anything you use during the styling process, like heat protectant sprays or a flexible hairspray (we like Aussie Opposites Attract Hairspray, $4). Just mist each section of hair before curling it, and it’ll lock in the style while still letting you run your fingers through it, Potempa says.

3. A finishing cream. Potempa suggests something that is “more opaque, as opposed to a silicone serum, which could get a little too greasy if you’re applying it at home.” We like Herbal Essences Tousle Me Softly Finishing Cream, $5.49, which will help take away any frizz and complete your look.