Celeb Diets: Before and After

See how stars lose weight -- and get some expert tips to do it yourself (healthily!)

jennifer hudson weight watchers

Jennifer Hudson

Jennifer Hudson is the latest Weight Watchers spokeswoman — and seeing her stunning figure has us reaching for the phone. But of course it isn’t a perfect system. Braverman weighs the pros and cons:


• It’s an affordable program

• More or less easy to follow

• Great for long term weight loss and maintenance


• Need to buy some of their products

• Counting points every time you eat can be tedious — and it isn’t always the best gauge of nutritional value. (Example: a candy bar may contain the same calories/points as a large sandwich, but it’s not as healthy.)

• Also requires attending classes on a regular basis, which is not practical for a lot of people that have a busy lifestyle and jobs that require constant traveling.