Real Women Share: Wacky Beauty Rituals

You know you have one. A beauty ritual that’s so weird (or, um, embarrassing) that you don’t want anyone to know about it. Know what I’m talking about? No? Think about that one thing you do in secret because it’s — ah, there it is. I knew you had one.

Sure, it may not be as gross as a bird poop facial or leech bath (yep, those are real beauty treatments), but it’s still probably not something you want to be seen doing. So you wait until the house is empty, and then you pull out everything you need for your weekly ritual.

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You wouldn’t believe what kind of stuff women will do to feel pretty, or to get smoother skin and shinier hair. We convinced 15 women to spill their deepest, darkest, weirdest beauty rituals, and we heard some of the craziest stories ever — ranging from using Crisco as a body moisturizer to a beauty routine consisting of wiping your face with … wait for it … urine. Seriously.

Some of these are just plain wacky, but some of them actually sounded like good beauty tips to try. So read through them and then leave a comment with your wacky beauty ritual. It’ll feel good to get it off your chest, and you’ll be surprised to see how many women do the exact same thing as you do (if they’ll admit it).

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