9 Child Stars Gone Wild

Once upon a time, they were sweet and innocent. Years later, you won't believe what some of these child stars have been caught doing

britney spears child star

Britney Spears

Where do we begin? Britney Spears started her career in “The Mickey Mouse Club” and found stardom with her first single “Baby One More Time” when she was just 16. Yep, skimpy schoolgirl uniform and all. OK, so maybe she didn’t start out that innocent.

But from that point on, her life just spiraled downward. After being charged with a hit-and-run, she spent a ton of time in (and out) of rehab, and she even lost custody of her kids. In the end, she had a complete meltdown and shaved her head … completely bald.

On the semi-bright side, Britney is finding her way back after hitting rock bottom, and making a comeback with her “Circus” album. Good for her.