Best Fashion Week Hair and Makeup

These looks from Mercedes Benz New York Fashion Week are supposed to be for spring 2012, but they're so cool, we're trying them now -- as should you

fashion week 2011 faux bob

Fake your bob

Since I love the look of bobs but have scissor phobia, this style is perfect for me. It’s also perfect for anyone with long hair who wants to switch things up for a night.

Jessica Gillin from the Marie Robinson salon created this style for the Joy Cioci show. Start by spraying a thickening spray throughout your hair, then blow dry it for texture. To make this style easier to do, take most of the underlayers of your hair and pin them into a flat bun at the base of your neck. Then you only have to curl and pin the top layers of your hair — plus the bun gives the pins something to grab on to.

After you’ve created your bun, curl the top layer of your hair with an iron and brush curls once they’re cool to loosen them. Roll long hair up and pin it into the bun, letting it loosely fall around your face. Try to use the back of your hair to cover the bun.