College Student Discounts 101

Heading to college in the fall? Here are some perks about being a college student that are way better than the dining hall food

More Ways to Save

Student Advantage Card

As mentioned in a few of the slides, the Student Advantage Card is extremely useful for getting discounts at your favorite stores. The annual cost of it is $22.50, but the discounts it provides are definitely worth the cost! Use it to get discounts at dozens of brands and thousands of local businesses. Click here to sign up.

International Student Identity Card

Want more discounts from around the world? Sign up for an International Student Identity Card to redeem more than 40,000 discounts in 125 countries. Perfect for that semester you’ll be spending abroad! Click here to get one.

Honor Society Members

In case you happen to be in an honor society (or are considering joining one), do some digging and see if there are any special discounts the honor society offers. Among other perks, many societies (as well as some campus organizations and clubs) offer members-only discounts on things like test prep, course help, clothes, and food.

Just Ask!

Not sure if you can get away with a discount with your student ID? Just ask the manager, or shoot an E-mail to customer service. Many times businesses located near big universities are willing to offer them — it never hurts to ask!