The Best Clothes for Brunettes

Let the blondes have their fun — we brunettes know that nothing matches the sex appeal or class of a brown-haired babe.

Warm brown hair tends to look sultry yet sophisticated, seductive and smart, all at the same time — it’s quite the multi-tasking shade. Case in point: Many of Hollywood’s most beautiful celebs are brunettes, like Angelina Jolie, Megan Fox, Penelope Cruz, Jessica Alba, Eva Longoria, Marion Cotillard, Courteney Cox and Kate Beckinsale. Plus, you’ve never heard a dumb brunette joke, have you?

That said, even the smartest brunette can goof when making clothing choices that best complement her brown hair, from deep brunette to golden brown hair with blonde highlights. The color of your shirt or the shade of your accessories actually does have a big impact on your overall look. That’s why we enlisted celebrity color expert Jill Kirsh of Jill Kirsh Color to help us figure out which shades work best — as well as which don’t work at all — for brunettes. She explains that the hues you choose depend on whether your brown hair has a warm undertone (think browns with a visible auburn or red tint) or a cool one (ash browns and those that border on black). Once you’ve figured out which brown you’ve got (ask a friend to look at your head in the sun if you’re struggling, it’ll help show any other tones you have), tune into Kirsh’s customized tips and see which brunette celebrities know how to dress for their hair.

Image: Getty Images