What to Wear for Black Hair

Is black hair boring? Not a chance.

Sure, it may be the most common of all hair colors, but black hair is so far from ordinary. For starters, natural jet-black hair is by far the shiniest hair color, it’s blinding sheen can’t be reproduced no matter how much shine serum your jealous fair-haired friends slather on. Plus black hair tends to look exotic and complex, so it’s a striking contrast against most skin tones. Feelin’ lucky yet?

That beautiful contrast and conspicuous color, though, can make matching your clothing to your hair hazardous. Does black hair work with a pastel top? Is a LBD too much black when you have dark hair?

To help figure it all out, we had a chat with Jill Kirsh of Jill Kirsh Color, an LA-based celebrity hairstyle guru expert who helps celebs coordinate their clothes and makeup with their hair color. She clued us in to which shades make her list of fashion dos and fashion don’ts for black-haired beauties. Her tips apply to natural (which is actually just a brown so dark it looks black) and dyed black hair, both of which tend to have a cool undertone. Keep reading for her color cues, as well as images of black-haired celebs who got it right — and wrong.

Image: Getty Images