What Guys Think of Your Clothing

kim kardashian harem pants

Coming in at No. 14: Kim Kardashian’s harem pants

Here’s how the guys voted:

Like it: 12%

Hate it: 88%

Here’s what they had to say:

The good:

“They need the figure for it, but it can be done.”

The bad:

“Seriously? People wear that?” “I feel like they walked in to a shop and bought them without trying them on first.” “I don’t want to date a woman with baggier pants than me.” “They look ridiculous, like what you’d see in an ’80s dance/disco video.”

The just plain weird:

“2 tickets for the Ringling Bros … or should I say, Ringling Sis, please!” “I forbid women in my harem to wear such awful pants.” “Nice pants, MC Hammer.”