Hunger Games Sneak Preview

No, we didn't get to watch the film, but we did get to see the unbelievable wigs from the film and get tons of backstage details

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On dyeing the stars’ hair …

Petenbrink was asked to dye Lawrence’s hair brown and Hutcherson’s hair blonde right before filming started. But it had to be completely secret. The studio hadn’t officially announced the cast at that point and if anyone saw the actors walking around with their new hair color, the jig would be up. “It was last minute and super confidential since they didn’t want to spoil it with a paparrazi pic,” Petenbrink says.

Petenbrink says after filming ended, Hutcherson came immediately to her to have his hair dyed back to brown. “He did not like being a blonde,” she says. Lawrence, on the other hand, will likely be sticking with the brown until the shooting of the entire series ends.