Best Braiding Tutorials We Love

Learn how to do a waterfall braid, a fishtail braid, and even a five-strand braid with these easy-to-follow videos

half dutch braid video tutorial

Half Dutch headband braid

The Dutch braid is simply a reverse French braid, so the braid sits on top of the hair. And a half Dutch braid is when you only pick up hair from one side of your braid. Put those two elements into a headband style, and you get one amazing look. In justbebexo’s video tutorial, she starts by showing how to do this braid on someone else first, and then she creates the headband on herself. Watch the video to the left for the entire tutorial.

Things to keep in mind: When you’re braiding, bring the left section above the center section. Same with the right section. This is what flips out the braid. If you find this concept confusing, don’t look at her fingers while you’re watching the video. It’s more helpful to look at each section of hair and where it goes instead.